How it works

Portl is a mobile app for connecting freelancers and clients. It’s introduction focused, rather than job focused. Version one is available on the UK App Store, and version two (in production) will also be available on Google Play, plus the client app will be web-enabled. Here’s how it works…



Freelancers and clients download the app and register for free. Freelancers create a profile that’s anonymously searchable by clients. Freelancers just need to keep their profile and availability up-to-date.



Clients search for freelancers based on various criteria, including rates and availability. Clients can unlock freelancer profiles using credits purchased in-app (see pricing). Unlocking reveals the freelancer’s name and contact details.



Clients are free to contact their unlocked freelancers directly, and of course hire them if they wish! Unlike agencies and other freelancer platforms, Portl doesn’t take a cut of the fees – clients only pay to connect.

See how much you could save

By using Portl instead of a recruitment agency or platform

Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our clients say (more to come…)

At a time of exciting UK and International growth, and working with an associate model of high calibre talent, Portl gives us quick and invaluable access to top quality freelancers who can potentially join us and build our team community.

Andrew Kirby-Pugh

Change Associates

Portl is a quick and cost effective way to find talented freelancers. I’d recommend it to my clients.

Ravi Rai

Four Points Consulting