Frequently Asked Questions

YES – it’s free to download for both freelancers and clients.

Portl requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

SOON – development has started, and you can register your interest on the home page.

NOT LONG – depends how nimble your fingers are, but it should be a matter of seconds for clients and perhaps a minute or two for freelancers to create a profile.

YES – click on "Find Freelancers" on the landing page and you’ll be able to perform a scaled-down search to see how things work.

NO – you can also register as a Sole Trader or using the name of your Umbrella company. For quality control reasons we’ll be validating Limited company details on Companies House.

NO PROBLEM – just add a zero before your 7 digit number. UK company registered numbers are all 8 digits, but the ones beginning with zero often get shortened (with the zero dropped).

KIND OF – you’ll be able to see the name of the company the client works for, but not the name of the client. The emphasis is on clients to contact freelancers about their projects!

NO PROBLEM – just go into Settings and toggle the ‘Hold Mode’ button. This hides your profile from search results (although clients who have unlocked your profile will still see it in their unlocks folder). You can switch hold mode off at any time.

YES – as long as you have sufficient credits on your account, you can send Availability Update Requests (AUR) to freelancers. This sends the freelancer a message requesting they update their availability calendar, giving you some piece of mind before using a credit to unlock.

NOT YET, BUT IT'S COMING SOON – we’ll be adding this functionality in version two, along with other cool features!

NOT YET, BUT IT'S COMING SOON – we’ll be adding this functionality in version two, along with other cool features!

CONTACT US – either by email or via the "Leave Feedback" feature in the app. We’ll always review and re-issue credits where appropriate.

YES – whilst most users will be one or the other, there are scenarios where freelancers wish to hire other freelancers, or where clients also do freelance work. The unique identifier is the email address, so you would need to use different ones to register.

NO – there’s no subscription or on-going commitment – you just register on the app and only purchase credits when you find a freelancer profile you want to unlock. It’s a handy tool you can utilise as the need arises.

YES – we actually see the app becoming an important tool for both internal and external recruiters!

NOT YET – we’re launching in the UK first but will add other countries in phase two.

EASY – there’s an ‘Invite Friends’ feature, where we’ve made it quick and easy to invite friends and colleagues via email, text, or Whatsapp. You can also share on social media!

IT DEPENDS – you could either carry them over to your new company, transfer them to someone else in your current company, or request a refund. Carrying them over to your new company is easy - you just update your company details in your profile. For the other two options, just send us an email and we'll take care of it for you!

NO – whilst we’d love to say yes, we realise Portl won’t help some freelancers, and it won’t be the preferred tool for some clients. However, we’re confident it will be significantly beneficial for lots of people!