How a mobile app can cut your recruitment costs

How a mobile app can cut your recruitment costs

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The cost of recruiting can be extremely high, especially if you need to recruit on a regular basis. A recruitment agency will save you a lot of time, but their prices will reflect that. If you choose to keep recruitment in-house, it may seem like you are saving money, but this isn’t always the case. Someone has to write job adverts, screen CVs, arrange interviews and organise feedback. Their time might be more valuable spent doing the work that makes your business money.

At Portl, we understand it is extremely beneficial for companies to recruit freelancers rather than permanent employees. There are many benefits to using a freelancer, and we’ve covered some of these in our article about why freelancers are the perfect choice for business transformation projects.

Of course, there can still be a cost involved in recruiting freelancers. Although they work out more cost-effective over the long-term, the initial process of sourcing the right person can sometimes be as expensive as traditional recruitment.

Not any more…

At Portl, we have designed an easy-to-use, inexpensive mobile app that helps you source high-quality freelancers. It’s faster and cheaper than other platforms; this unique mobile app can cut your recruitment costs by a significant amount.

Reduce time spent on recruitment

Even working with a recruiter who has an established database of freelancers can be a lengthy process. They will need to take time to understand your requirements before they can match you to the right person. They can’t always get hold of potential candidates straightaway, and may have other clients they need to prioritise first. With Portl, you can start searching as soon as you have registered. No contracts to read and sign, no questionnaires or interviews to work through and no waiting for recruiters to come back to you.

Portl has been designed so that you can find the right people quickly. Unlike other platforms, you don’t need to write lengthy job adverts or project briefs. Simply enter the criteria you are looking for, and the app will show you a list of freelancers who match the skills and experience you need. You can even view rates and availability, so you know before you speak to a freelancer whether they are a good fit.

Once you have chosen the profiles that meet your needs, you use credits to unlock their contact details. You can contact as many or as few freelancers as you like.

Access high-quality freelancers quickly

Many online freelancer sites are geared towards task-based work rather than consultancy or project work. Portl is geared toward long-term project work, business transformation projects and consultancy. We focus our efforts on connecting highly-skilled, highly-qualified freelancers with businesses where they add value.

Other platforms involve having to write bid proposals or fill out applications for any projects that freelancers want to win. Their fees are then diluted by the subscription charges or commission payments. With Portl, freelancers simply complete a profile, keep their availability up to date and wait for the right projects to come to them.

Portl is absolutely free for freelancers. There is no cost to download the app, no charge for creating a profile and no commission to pay if they win a project. We don’t run schemes where they can pay to get listed higher in the search; they get listed purely based on how close a match they are to your search. This makes Portl an excellent platform for freelancers to market themselves and is why we attract so many high-quality freelancers and consultants. 

Eliminate agency fees

Recruitment agencies charge fees, and these can be quite substantial. These fees are justifiable when you work with a quality recruiter; they save you time, find you the right people and remove the stress from the process. However, it’s not always necessary to use an agency. If you know what you need, it can be much quicker to search for the right people using our mobile app.

Portl has been designed to be the most cost-effective way of connecting with quality freelancers. There is no cost to download and register and no cost to search or view profiles. You only pay to unlock contact details of the freelancers that offer what you need. Each profile you unlock will use one credit. Each credit costs between £3 and £5, depending on how many credits you buy. No other costs, no minimum term, no minimum spend, no recruitment fees.

Avoid costly contracts or subscription fees

Many online job boards charge subscription fees or have costly contracts depending on how many job adverts you run and how long you run them for.

With Portl, you buy credits starting from as little as £3. These are then used to unlock contact details after you have searched for a freelancer and found profiles that match.

Once you have unlocked a profile, you are free to contact that freelancer as many times as you like. It doesn’t matter how many searches you do, how many times you engage a freelancer’s services or how high-value the projects are, you only ever pay that tiny connection fee, and you only ever pay it once per profile.

No hidden charges or ongoing costs

It might be hard to believe that we are offering the chance to connect with high-quality freelancers and consultants for such a low fee, but it really is true. There are no hidden charges and no ongoing costs. If you want to use Portl one time and only unlock one freelancer profile, you will only pay for one credit. Our focus is on connecting people. 

No time-wasters

Because Portl finds freelancers that match your search criteria, you don’t have to filter through hundreds of irrelevant CVs. Your search is anonymous, so you won’t have to field endless calls from companies who have seen your job listing and want to convince you to engage their services.

No commitment

Portl is a mobile app that you can download for free. There is no commitment, no contract, no minimum term, no minimum use. It is a tool for connecting freelancers and clients; it’s up to you how you use that tool. It’s win-win for everyone.

No job adverts

Clients don’t always have time to write lengthy job adverts, and freelancers don’t always have time to read hundreds of ads trying to work out which projects to apply for. We made Portl simple. You enter the key skills you are looking for, and you’ll be matched with freelancers who have those skills. Their profiles will detail how much experience they have, what qualifications they have and what sectors they work in. You can see at a glance if a freelancer meets your requirements.

Future developments

Portl is an excellent tool for freelancers and clients; it is already cutting recruitment costs and connecting experienced consultants with exciting projects. We know that there are many ways we can grow Portl even further and we already have some exciting developments in the pipeline.

We are currently working on the next version which will be cross-platform for freelancers (iOS and Android) and web-enabled for clients. We also plan to expand into other countries and launch an enterprise version which will enable large companies to drastically reduce their contractor recruitment spend.

We have taken a completely customer-focused approach when designing Portl and will continue to do so as we develop it. Our aim is to be the go-to platform for anyone looking for high-quality contractors.

We’re always keen to hear from clients and freelancers about how we can help them further. What are the biggest issues with current freelancer platforms? What are the biggest frustrations when sourcing freelancers or marketing your freelance services?  If you’d like to share your thoughts about what else you’d like to see from Portl, contact us at

Download Portl for free now to see how you can save on recruitment costs and follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date with our future developments.

Written by Lisa Slater, Freelance Copywriter


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