What makes Portl different

What makes Portl different

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Portl is a unique mobile app that connects clients with the most suitable freelancers for their needs. It has been carefully designed to make the process of sourcing high-quality freelancers quick, easy and inexpensive.

Portl was developed with a completely customer-focused approach. The goal was to create a tool that solved problems for both clients and freelancers.

We identified four problems that currently prevent businesses from sourcing the right freelancers, or freelancers from finding the right projects:

  1. It can be expensive using traditional recruitment companies
  2. It can be hard for freelancers to reach the right people through existing marketing channels
  3. Applying for freelance roles online can be time-consuming and frustrating
  4. Many existing platforms dilute freelancer fees

We decided to address these issues by creating a service that connects clients and freelancers with maximum ease and minimum cost. We created Portl.

In this article, we explain what makes Portl different by discussing the following areas:

  • How does Portl work?
  • Portl versus online freelancer sites
  • Portl versus recruitment agencies
  • Benefits to clients
  • Benefits to freelancers

Portl was designed with users in mind. It is introduction-focused, not job-focused, and offers many benefits to both freelancers and clients. Our aim is to be the go-to place for any company needing high-quality freelancers.

How does Portl work?

Portl is a mobile app that can be downloaded on compatible devices. We’ve designed it to be as straightforward as possible, but if you need help navigating it check out our video tutorials or request a demo. The app is free to download for both freelancers and clients.

There is no cost for freelancers to set up a profile and clients only pay for the profiles they unlock.

Searching for freelancers

Freelancers complete a profile which can be viewed by prospective clients. The profile will include details of:

  • Key skills (including years of experience)
  • Qualifications
  • Sectors worked in
  • Languages spoken
  • Location
  • Rates
  • Availability

You can search for a freelancer by any or all of the criteria listed above. Once you have filled out your requirements, the most relevant freelancer profiles will be listed in order of how closely they match your criteria. Name and contact details remain anonymous until you unlock the full profile.

Checking availability

Once you have found a profile that matches your need, you can send a request to the freelancer to confirm or update their availability. This can be done before unlocking a profile, so you don’t have to use credits on freelancers who can’t accommodate your project.


When you find freelancers that suit your needs, unlock their contact details using your credits. Each profile you unlock will use one credit. You’ll then be able to connect with your chosen freelancers to discuss your project in more detail.


Other platforms either take a cut from the freelancer’s fees or charge the client for sourcing the people they need. Portl provides a win-win solution for both freelancers and clients. The cost of connecting is less than the price of a coffee and cake.

Pricing is completely transparent; no hidden charges, recruitment fees or subscription costs.

Simply buy credits and use those credits to unlock contact details for the freelancers you are interested in connecting with. Each profile you unlock uses one credit. The more credits you buy, the less each credit costs, meaning you can unlock a freelancer profile for as little as £3.

Once you unlock a profile, it remains unlocked in any future searches; there are no limits on how many times you can contact or work with that freelancer.

Portl versus online freelancer sites

There are many online platforms and directories where freelancers can find work, and clients can find freelancers; Portl offers a different approach. Here are just some of the benefits of using Portl over traditional freelancer sites.

Project-based work, not just task-based

Many platforms are geared toward task-based freelance work such as designing a logo or creating a template, rather than ongoing project-based and consultancy work. This can make it difficult to find qualified freelancers for business transformation projects and change management.

Portl has been developed with project-based work in mind, with a specific focus on business transformation projects. We attract highly-skilled, experienced freelance consultants and specialists. 

No job adverts required

Unlike other platforms, we focus on the connection and not the project. This means you don’t have to spend hours creating job adverts in order to attract freelancers. Equally, freelancers don’t have to spend their time completing application forms or writing lengthy bids for every project.

You search for freelancers with the relevant skills and experience, who can meet your needs regarding pricing and availability. Connect with as many freelancers as you choose to discuss your requirement and the terms of your project.


Many freelancer platforms charge a commission based on the project rate. Freelancers can pass those fees onto the client by charging a higher rate, but competition is often high, so this can mean they lose out on projects. If they decide to absorb the fees themselves, the work they win through these sites is worth less than work won through other channels, so it becomes less desirable.

We don’t charge freelancers anything to create a profile, and they don’t pay any fees to us, no matter how much work they win through our app. This allows them to offer you their preferred rate rather than an increased or diluted one; it’s better for them and better for you.

Portl versus recruitment agencies

Sourcing freelancers through recruitment agencies offers many advantages over using freelancer platforms, but it does have some disadvantages too. Here are some of the benefits of using Portl instead of a recruitment agency.

More control

When you work with a recruiter, they need to understand your business so that they can source the right people. If you haven’t communicated your requirement correctly, or they have misunderstood what you are looking for, it can slow the process down. You might miss out on the right person because the recruiter is filtering candidates solely on skill without considering other attributes that you deem to be more important. 

When you use Portl, you control the criteria you search, and decide which freelancers most closely match your needs. You choose which combination of skills and experience is most suited to your business, and where you are prepared to compromise.


Although good recruiters may already have a database of suitable freelancers, they still need to go through a process of matching you to the right people. They are acting as a middleman between you and the freelancer, and they may not always be able to get in touch with either party when they need to. They also have other clients who may have more pressing deadlines.

With Portl, you can log in, search for freelancers and connect directly with the most suitable people. You cut out the middleman, so the whole process of finding a match and getting answers is much quicker.

Lower costs

Unlike other platforms and traditional recruitment methods, our charges are based on the connection, not the cost of the project. We don’t charge finder’s fees, commission fees or recruitment fees. You simply pay to unlock contact details of the freelancers you have selected based on your needs. This will cost you less than £5 which works out far less than using an agency to source freelancers for you.

Once you have unlocked a profile, it remains unlocked; there are no repeat fees, extension fees or agency fees, no matter how long your project runs. Contact your unlocked freelancers for as many projects as you need at no extra cost to them or you.

Benefits for clients

We designed Portl with users in mind, addressing all the issues that currently hinder the process of finding high-quality freelancers.


Portl is extremely cost-effective. When there are large recruitment fees to consider, this can eat into your budget, meaning you have to compromise on the level of experience the freelancer has. Equally, if the fees are taken as a commission from the project rate, the freelancer has to dilute their fees or pass them to you through higher pricing.

We charge a small fee based on introductions, not project value. You can access high-quality freelancers for as little as £3.

Transparent pricing

As well as keeping costs to a minimum, we ensure that pricing is completely transparent and easy to understand. There are no sign-up fees, membership fees, subscription fees, commissions, admin fees, hidden charges or extra costs.

You buy credits and use those credits to unlock the profiles that are the best match for you. If you don’t see any profiles you like, you don’t use any credits.

Simple to search

Every client has a unique requirement, and your project may have criteria that are non-negotiable. The search feature has been designed so you can easily find freelancers that meet your requirements, no matter how specific. Search by location, key skills, sectors worked in, qualifications, rates, availability, and even languages spoken, depending on the needs of your project.

No commitment

With Portl, there is no commitment. You can use our app as and when you need it; no contract, no minimum term, no obligation to unlock any profiles. If you do unlock profiles, there is no obligation to connect with freelancers or contract them for work.

Portl is a tool to find freelancers; it is up to you how you choose to use that tool.

No time-wasters

If you post a project on freelancer sites, you are asking freelancers to approach you. You’ll get applicants who don’t match your requirements or haven’t read the brief properly and can’t accommodate your project. You might even get people trying to bypass the system.

With Portl, you are in control; you choose who you approach for work. You can view their profiles up front, so you know whether they meet your criteria before you make contact.

Access to high-quality freelancers

Many online freelancer sites attract people who are new to freelancing or those looking for task-based projects. Freelancers have to keep their prices extremely competitive on these sites meaning experienced freelancers often move to more lucrative marketing channels. It can be extremely difficult to find consultants for business transformation projects, long-term consultancy work or ongoing project work.

Because our service is free for freelancers and we don’t take a cut of their fees, we offer a more attractive route to market than other freelancer platforms. We also focus heavily on business transformation projects and have worked hard to build a strong portfolio of specialists in the following areas:

  • Acquisition Integration
  • Automation / Robotic Process Automation
  • Business Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Digital Transformation
  • HR Consulting
  • IT Consulting
  • Lean / Six Sigma
  • Management Consulting
  • Operational Excellence
  • Process Improvement
  • Project / Programme Management / PMO

Portl isn’t exclusively for these types of project; we have many freelancers in marketing, creative, technology, engineering and other industries too.  Many of our freelancers are highly experienced consultants, and you can connect for less than it costs to buy a glass of wine.

Benefits for freelancers

At Portl, we recognise how difficult it can be for freelancers to find effective marketing channels. We wanted to make it easier for freelancers to get found for the projects where they add the most value.

Free profile

It is completely free for you to create profiles detailing your skills, experience and rates. Update your details and availability as often as you like so you don’t get contacted about projects you can’t accommodate. Your name and contact details remain anonymous until a client unlocks them using paid credits. Clients pay to view your details, meaning it’s likely you have already met all their initial criteria, and they feel you are a good match.

No lengthy bid writing

Unlike other freelancer platforms, you don’t have to bid for projects or fill out lengthy application forms, only to find out that you aren’t quite a match, or your prices aren’t competitive enough. The client searches for you based on the skills and experience required for their projects. You don’t have to worry about competing on price as your rates are already visible before they connect.

No dilution of fees

Portl charges clients a very small fee to unlock profiles. Apart from that, there are no other charges. No membership fee, no subscription fee, no commission. No matter how many clients contact you, how many projects you win or how high-value the projects are, you won’t get charged a penny. That means you can charge rates you are comfortable with; no dilution of your fees, no passing the cost to your clients.

Clients find you

Competing in online searches, standing out on social media and getting in front of the right clients can be tough. With Portl, clients find you. The closer the match you are to their requirements, the higher in the search you’ll appear. That means the clients who contact you are more likely to have the type of projects you are interested in.

Want to know more?

Portl provides many benefits to both freelancers and clients. It’s all about connecting people and creating a win-win solution for everyone. It’s cost-effective, easy-to-use and built with users in mind.

There’s no cost to download the app or register an account, so why not try it out and see for yourself what makes Portl different?

Written by Lisa Slater, Freelance Copywriter


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